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Long Division Touch - Classroom Edition

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開発者 Regular Berry Software LLC
1.99 USD

This edition of Long Division Touch contains new features specific for classroom use. The core touch functionality is the same, but there are no in-app purchases. Thank you to all of the teachers who wrote asking for this version.

New Features:
*Create Activities - specify how many and what types of problems a student should work on.
*Control Problem Difficulty Level- configure the number of digits in the divisor so the problems are appropriate for your student’s learning level.
*Available for the iPad only.
*No in-app purchases. Everything is unlocked.

Features that remain the same:
*Learn the mechanics of long division with a touch interface.
*Drag digits down, slide the decimal into the correct position, tap to identify repeating decimals.

Say you have 8)256. Drag 8 into ‘25’ and find the correct multiple. Then drag the 6 down and finish the problem!

Lessons include:
Long Division Basics
Zero up top
Repeating Decimals
Decimal in the Divisor

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